This week I have looked into monogramming the blanket I want to make. I want to be able to do a  monogram in the middle of the blanket, but i am afraid it won’t look good if it is too small.

Materials needed:

  1. 1 yard of adorable flannel patterned material (can be made into swaddle blanket if you give up!)
  2. 1 yard of soft, fuzzy baby minkie material
  3. 1 foot of soft wide-wale corderoy in complementary color (for the circle)
  4. 1 foot of soft-ish black denim or felt (for the initial)
  5. Stitch-witchery or other iron-on adhesive
  6. Enough quality thread for sewing it up
  7. Patience, tenacity, a working sewing machine



1. Print a template letter. Use Word to make a super huge lowercase letter in a serif font until you’re happy. Print and cut the template. Cut out the letter on the black material exactly.

2. Cut out pieces. I traced a dinner plate to get my circle round and of a good size. I cut my letter based on the template plus a second shadow letter in a different color (optional). I cut squares as big as I could evenly get them. Hey, I told you measuring wasn’t my strength.

3. Attach the letter and circle. Use iron-on adhesive to attache the letter(s) to the circle. Run it through the sewing machine to make it extra secure.

4. Sew the circle to the flannel. Attach the circle around the edges to the flannel material. You’re almost done.

5. Sew the front to the back of the blanket together. Lay out the two squares of fabric so the right-side-outs are facing each other. Pin it so it doesn’t wiggle. Stitch around the perimeter 3 1/2 sides. Squish the whole blanket together and force it through the hole so you can see the blanket right-side-out. Tuck in the ragged edges and stitch the rest together.

Makin’ it: Monogrammed baby blanket



2 thoughts on “WEEK 10

  1. Monograms get on my nerves. You use to never see them like last year then all of a sudden someone whose opinion matters for some reason decided that monograms needed to be on everything. Who started all of that? Can’t wait to see your work.


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