This week I decided to look up the best brands of fabric and thread for the best prices, and where to find them at.   So far I’ve looked at the ones from Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and WalMart .  At Hobby Lobby you can  buy a yard of fabric ranging from one dollar and thirty nine cents to fifteen dollars depending on the type of texture you want.  At Michael’s you can buy a yard of fabric for  one dollar and fifty cents to ten dollars and thirty five cents. Apparently you can even purchase hog hair to sew with as well, which just seems kind of gross and itchy to me.  Wal Mart sells just about any kind of sewing fabric by the yard such as flannel, cotton, fleece, and very ugly patterned fabric. The prices range from four dollars and thirty nine cents, to ten dollars and ninety seven cents.

When I found all of the prices I wrote all of them down and then compared everything. I asked myself “Would I rather have cheap fabric that might make a decent blankets, or would I rather have a more expensive fabric and It last longer?” So I have decided to go with the fabric from Hobby Lobby, simply because some of it is cheap and seems durable but also they have more expensive fabric that I could see lasting for a long period of time in the future. I’ve also found some other good stores that sell fabric that aren’t around here that if i really wanted it, I would have to order it and it be much more expensive.

Here are some stores I found online that are apparently very good:

5 Awesome Places to Buy Fabric Online



The first time I ever bought fabric online was from Fabric.com and I was not disappointed.  What I love most is the free shipping when you spend $35 or more which, for a fabric addict like myself is not at all hard to do.  They have all types of fabric but I especially love their home decor fabrics.  I’ve used home decor fabrics from Fabric.com on projects like my slip covered ottoman, my reupholstered dining chairs, and in my little mister’s nursery.

They have their fabrics categorized by designer so if you know of a certain fabric maker that you like, you can browse that way.  Or if you are looking for a certain color you can search by color.  I also love that they suggest coordinating fabrics, but I have to admit sometimes they are a little too matchy matchy for me.

If you are just getting acquainted with Fabric.com check out some of my favorite designers there:  Michael Miller,and Premier Prints.

Online Fabric Store

Online Fabric Store is another fabulous resource for fabric.  It is so easy to find really great prints in this online store and they carry one of my favorite fabric lines, HGTV!  They also have free shipping when you spend $50, but keep your eyes peeled because they often have free shipping days and coupon codes noted right at the top of their site.

I also love that they carry a lot of supplies like grommet tape and upholstery supplies that I need for some of my home decor projects like my DIY Grommet Top Curtains.

West Elm

This is one that very few people know about but it’s true.  You can buy fabric by the yard from West Elm!  I discovered this awhile back when I made over this vintage chair.  I had the dark grey herringbone fabric in mind for my project but couldn’t find it anywhere. It was by some happy accident that I discovered that I could buy the exact fabric I was thinking of by the yard and do the chair myself!  Hot Dog!!!

They don’t offer every single one of their fabrics by the yard, but they are a great place to go when you need upholstery fabric because their furniture and the fabrics they use on them are high quality so you can get that same quality for your own project.  They also have some of their popular prints available so you can sew up your own throw pillows or make drapes!

One more thing to note about West Elm.  I have more than once used their shower curtains for projects because they come in some great prints and they are a perfect weight for home decor projects like pillows and drapes. A total cheater, I know.  But when this girl loves a print, I make it work! Want to see their shower curtains in action? Check out my DIY Grommet Top Curtains.


Be careful with this one.  It can be addicting!  Consider yourself warned.  Spoonflower is unlike any other fabric resource because the fabrics are designed by individual designers, not big brand names.  Think of Spoonflower like etsy, but for fabric. It is pretty much a collection of art in fabric form and you can search by color or by theme which is really fun.  Back when I was doing the little mister’s nursery I would search themes like “typography” or “bicycles” and got so many fun ideas for his bedroom.

You may remember the DIY Duvet Cover that I made for the Grand kid’s room over at my mom’s house.  That duvet cover was a huge hit and I got so many questions about the teal watercolor chevron fabric that I got from Spoonflower.  I’ll admit the prices on Spoonflower are a bit higher than the other fabric resources I have listed here, but you can’t find them anywhere else and so you are paying for the uniqueness and supporting some uber talented artists.


Most of us know about Joann stores and if you are into any type of crafting or sewing probably frequently shop there, but when I discovered that you can buy fabric online from Joann.com I was so excited!  And I was really surprised at the modern home decor fabrics that they have available! There is nothing better than NOT dragging my 2 crazy kiddos to the fabric store and NOT waiting in line behind 20 quilters each having 20 different fabrics cut right? (Nothing against quilters, they are just getting their creative on too.)

Joann.com has a great selection of home decor fabrics too and they are on sale frequently along with some basic use fabrics in all sorts of fun patterns.  Joann is my go to for any DIY baby gift that I may be working on because their selection is huge and their coupons are so easy to find which really helps keep cost down.


2 thoughts on “WEEK 5

  1. I don’t know if you know of Hancocks over on Park Avenue. They sell fabric and all kinds of stuff like that. You didn’t include it in your post so I didn’t know if you knew about it. It sounds like you got what you needed already but if you ever run into a situation where you can’t find a pattern you want or something you might want to try there.


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