Post #1- Declarative Statement

I am in Mrs. Rathgebers English 4 class, and we have to do a 20 time project and I am going to learn how to make blankets. As a kid a lot of the blankets i had and used the most are ones my mother made for me. Since i have a child on the way i wanted to learn how to make blankets just as my mom did for me. Over the next twelve weeks I will try and learn how to make blankets with for my child. I will also try and make blankets for the rest of my family and hopefully get good enough to donate some to charity.       I chose to make blankets for my 20 time project because it is something my mom used to do for me and my siblings. I think it is important for me to learn how to make blankets so that i can be doing for my child what my mother did for me. It is also important to me because me and my mom do not do very many things together. Learning how to make blankets would be a great way for us to bond and spend time together. Hopefully by the end of my twelve weeks i will have made at least a few blankets good enough for my family and to make my mom proud.

Inquiry Questions:

1. How much will the fabric cost?

2. How much fabric will it take to make 1 blanket?

3. Will i have to use the sewing machine to make these blankets?

4. How much will the doctor bill cost if i hurt myself using the sewing machine?

5. What brand of fabric is the best?

6. What stores sell fabric for the cheapest price?

7. How many different types of blankets can i make in twelve weeks?

8. What are some places i can donate these blankets to?

9. What kind of equipment other than a sewing machine will i need?

10. How hard would it be to monogram my own blankets?




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